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Source: netflix

'Vagabond' Is a Korean Spy Series That Pairs a Stuntman and a Covert Spy to Solve a Mystery


I've said it once and I'll say it again: It's a great, great time to consume media. Streaming services are pumping out tons of original new series and movies, with many of them pushing the boundaries of storytelling in a variety of different ways. Heck, I'm even surprised by Netflix's kids' section at times — have you seen Octonauts? It's an ocean-animal-themed adventure series where animals help other animals and learn about them in the process, it's wild.

But "grown-up" series, like Vagabond starring Lee Seung-gi, are original as heck too.

And while Vagabond does feature K-Pop singer and actress Bae Su-ji in the show as just that, it's a cool little twist that the operative in the show is a woman, and the dude who (most probably) becomes her love interest is actually a film stuntman whose nephew dies in a tragic plane crash.