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Source: amazon

How in the World Was Amazon Able to Make 'Undone' So Visually Spectacular?


Growing up, I never thought I'd live in a world where I'd not only get to browse a library of content that I could watch whenever I wanted, on my own time, for a few dollars a month, but that there'd be former presidents producing it too. It's a great, great time for consuming media, and it seems like right now there's an inexhaustible amount of content for every taste that's produced in a variety of ways. Take Amazon's animated series, Undone and how it was made.

Undone combines animation with time travel.

First off, the subject matter isn't exactly something you'd immediately think would be perfect for an animated series: A young woman by the name of Alma Winograd-Diaz gets into a car accident and when she wakes up, she starts seeing visions of her late father. 

Here's where things get really interesting though: he urges her to try and solve the mystery of his death. No, she isn't a private investigator or anything like that.