Fans Are Clamoring for Season 5 of 'The Legend of Korra'


Aug. 25 2020, Updated 12:48 a.m. ET

Source: Netflix

When fan-favorite series The Legend of Korra, which was itself a spinoff of Avatar: The Last Airbender, ended, all anyone could think of was how the story could continue. The series originally was comprised of four seasons, separated into books: Air, Spirits, Change, and Balance, with the final episodes airing Dec. 19, 2014. But despite its relatively satisfying ending, fans still wanted more. So is The Legend of Korra going to end up getting a fifth season, or has it ended for good?

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Fans looking for the series to continue have been asking for additional episodes, especially so they could see the relationship between protagonist Korra and love interest Asami continue. Indeed, four seasons doesn't seem like enough to explore the entirety of the series as well as the complex storylines told within, but it seems some sort of final decision was made about the series. Here's everything we know about a Season 5 of The Legend of Korra and if it could happen in the future or not.

Source: Netflix
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Is there a Season 5 of 'The Legend of Korra'?

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that a fifth season of The Legend of Korra will be in the cards anytime soon. In 2015, during San Diego Comic-Con, Dark Horse panel attendees were given some intriguing news from The Legend of Korra creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino. The pair announced that the series would continue in the form of a graphic novel. Unfortunately, they didn't indicate that a fifth season would be coming. Fans seemed happy with the news, though it wasn't a new season.

Bryan announced later on Tumblr that he had been "working on the story with Mike" and that the comics would span three volumes of Korra comics. Currently, there are two of the announced volumes available out in the wild: Turf Wars and Ruins of the Empire, with a third on the way. Both volumes further explore Korra's relationship with Asami for "Korrasami" fans, as that was one of the series' most influential storylines, especially since fans loved seeing the pair together. 

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With that said, if you're interested in seeing the rest of the story between Korra and Asami develop just like you would have been able to via the series, you can always pick up the next two volumes of the comics right now and start reading. The third is still on the horizon, as the second volume only just released in February 2020. It will likely be some time before the next volume finally debuts. 

Does this completely erase the possibility of a fifth season someday? No one has outright said that it could never happen, not in a million years, but for right now your next best bet is undoubtedly to grab the comics and see how things continue at your leisure. Perhaps one day we'll get an animated continuation for Korrasami fans everywhere, but for now at least there's some semblance of a continuation, right?

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