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Source: iStock Photo / Twitter

Basic Life Skills People Never Learned


There are basic life skills that most people have a handle on. Tying your shoes, riding a bike, and reading a clock all rank among them. But if we are honest with ourselves, which we normally are on Twitter for some reason, we all have at least one skill that we totally should know how to do but definitely do not. People are sharing their "life skill blind spots" on this hilarious Twitter thread, and now we can all feel a little less alone.

Source: Twitter

Jenée Desmond-Harris, an editor at The New York Times, started off the thread by sharing that her landlord, a very smart person with a STEM education from a very prestigious school, doesn't know how to open a combination lock. She explains that he didn't go to middle or high school in the U.S. You don't think about it, but if that's something you're never taught, you will never learn it! She asked others to share their "life skill blind spots," and so many people delivered.