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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton's Friendship Saved the 'Terminator' Series



In 1984, the world was introduced to the first Terminator movie. Since then, we've gotten Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator Salvation, and Terminator Genisys. And now, 35 years after the first film, we've gotten a direct sequel to Judgement Day in the form of Terminator: Dark Fate. 

While the original Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, played a role in every movie except for Terminator Salvation, the original Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton, disappeared after Judgement Day. Although she may have fled Hollywood, Linda kept up with Arnold. Here's how Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger's relationship brought Linda back to playing Sarah Connor.

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Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger's relationship gave us back Sarah Connor. 

Linda and Arnold met 35 years ago on the set of the original Terminator and reprised their roles together in the first sequel Judgement Day. While Arnold continued to play his role for a number of sequels, Linda stepped out of the spotlight and did not return for another sequel, save for a short voice performance in Terminator Salvation. 

When it came to Terminator: Dark Fate, producer James Cameron knew he wanted to see Linda finally return to the screen. According to Arnold, he and James took a motorcycle ride and James told him the plot of the new film. But what really sold Arnold was James's plan to recruit Linda again. "I immediately said to him, 'I'm in. This is fantastic,'" Schwarzenegger recalled. "Especially after he told me he wanted to bring back Linda Hamilton. I couldn't wait to work with her again."

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For Linda, the choice wasn't so simple. She revealed on the Graham Norton Show that she only decided to join the film once she saw Arnold. "It was only when I saw Arnie on set and he was fantastic, that I thought, 'I'm in!'' she said. 

During San Diego Comic Con, she talked about how the movie has actually rekindled the friendship. "It had been a number of years. And I just have this affection for him that is so deep and biting, that just got completely cemented on this film," Linda said. "I loved working physically with him, I loved seeing him in the trailer, I loved toying with him. You know, it's the very top of a 35-year relationship, and that really means something to me."

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For Linda, Terminator: Dark Fate marks more than one reunion.

Terminator: Dark Fate will see Linda return to the screen to play Sarah Connor. But she's not the only one making her return. James Cameron produced the original two Terminator films and is coming back to produce Dark Fate, which will be a direct sequel to Judgement Day. James Cameron also just happens to be Linda's ex husband. 

While filming the original Terminator movie, Linda was married to Bruce Abbott, who asked for a divorce while she was pregnant, saying he couldn't take her mood swings. Shortly after, Linda started a relationship with James. They had a daughter together in 1993 and were married in 1997. However, the marriage only lasted two years. 

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According to Hamilton, the former couple no longer talk and Linda actually didn't answer James after he tried to call about coming back for Dark Fate. After the third call, she finally answered him only after he stated that it was about work and not a personal call. 

Catch up with Sarah Connor whenTerminator: Dark Fate comes out in theaters on Nov. 1.

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