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Source: orion pictures

See What the Original Cast of 'The Terminator' Is Doing Now

By Mustafa Gatollari

In honor of Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday, I'd like to thank this Austrian tank of a man for making the movies that defined my childhood. Specifically: The Terminator.

As the son of an immigrant, from a family of immigrants on both my mom and my dad's side, seeing this dude become the biggest action star in Hollywood, while being absolutely jacked and having an accent that would get most people laughed out of a casting office, made a huge impression on me. Sure, I had a different name/background from all the other kids in my class, but that didn't stop Arnold from making his dreams come true.

Like Bill Burr puts it, the dude even managed to marry into an American royal family and become the governor of California, which isn't just one of the most affluent states in the U.S., but as a territory, has the fifth largest GDP in the world. Yes, the state of California makes more money than the entire United Kingdom.