A Girl's Sister Buys Her a Toy She Wanted Since Childhood: "She's the Only One Who Ever Listens"

"This is the best present anyone has ever gotten me," she says, before breaking down in tears.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

May 6 2024, Published 7:52 a.m. ET

When you have kids, you tend to heal your inner child by giving your children the things you never had, like the Barbie Dreamhouse, the best gaming system you can find, and everything in between. For one woman on TikTok, she didn't have to wait until she had kids of her own to be able to experience something like that, because in a video from her eighteenth birthday, she opens a gift from her 11-year-old sister that does the job just fine.

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In the video, the TikTok user, whose name is @th3bimb0, and Zoe in real life, is shown opening a gift in the back seat of what appears to be her mom's car. She says in text on the video at the beginning that her sister is "the only one who ever listens." And when she opens the gift, which is a toy she had wanted "for years" before she grew out of playing with it, Zoe is brought to tears. And really, who wouldn't be, including literally everyone who watched the TikTok?

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A little sister bought her older sister a dream toy she wanted for years.

After Zoe opens the gift in the TikTok video, she is immediately shook when she sees that the gift is the Melissa & Doug Super Smile Dentist Play Set. Is it a random gift for someone to covet for so many years? Maybe it is, yes. However, I've seen the set in real life, and I've even had the pleasure of playing with it at my big age, and I can say with certainty that the set is pretty impressive.

It includes a plastic mouth full of false teeth, a plastic dentistry kit, and even a vibrating fake drill. After the TikTok user opens the gift and hugs the set to her chest, she says, "Can I open it in the car?" And, she explains, she had asked for that very set for years and no one ever got it for her. Luckily, her 11-year-old sister came in clutch.

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According to one commenter, "It's not just about the toy. It's about someone listening to you, hearing you, caring about you." Another added, "No [because] the 'asking for five years' hit so hard. I never get anything I ask for, I appreciate it all, but usually it's things I don't use or care for thrown together in a bag."

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Other comments point out that the user and her sister's mom doesn't seem to get the meaning and weight behind the gesture. As Zoe starts to cry, you can hear her mom laughing, albeit goodnaturedly. Still, the fact that the mom doesn't appear to see how truly important this moment is for Zoe has some TikTok users criticizing her as they praise the younger sister.

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People on TikTok are saying the 11-year-old is "healing her inner child."

Zoe says more than once that all she wanted for years was the dentist toy set. And even though she is, technically, a bit old for such a set, she's ready to play with it immediately and embrace it fully. One user commented, "Your little sister is healing your inner child while your mom doesn't understand."

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Another wrote, "Her [11-year-old] self saw your [11-year-old] inner child. I'm crying." And, judging by the other comments, it's safe to say that plenty of people who watched the video are also crying because of the sentiment behind the kid's gift to her older sister.

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And the TikTok user isn't the only one who understands what it feels like to be brought to such emotions after being gifted something she wanted as a young kid. Other commenters shared that they experienced similar feelings when they were able to get a toy as an adult that they wanted badly as a child.

"I foster teens and the joy they feel at having their younger self recognized this way will never not make my heart burst with love," one user wrote under the video. If we weren't crying before, it's kind of hard not to now, to be honest.

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For some adults, it might not feel quite the same to be gifted a certain toy or to be able to afford to buy themselves the toy they wanted as a child. But for others, it fills an undeniable void, and this TikTok user gets that.

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