The Internet is Obsessed With This Dad Explaining That Parenting Isn’t Babysitting

“He understands the assignment. He’s parenting."

Sarah Kester - Author

May 2 2024, Published 3:41 p.m. ET

Babysitting and taking care of your child sound synonymous, but they are not the same. Just ask the men who passed the latest prank going around on TikTok.

Here’s the gist: Women ask their partners to babysit their children to see their reaction.

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The reactions have ranged from agreement to confusion to feeling downright offended. One man, in particular, had the perfect response. He passed with flying (green flag) colors. Keep reading for more.

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This dad's response to the babysitting prank on TikTok has won the internet over.

The viral video was posted by the shared TikTok account, @julieandcorey.

“Asking if he can ‘babysit’ our child to see what he says,” the text overlay reads on the video. It shows Corey sitting on the couch when Julie proposes the question.

“Babysit?” he asks in confusion. “Who are you babysitting?”

Julie clarifies that she’s asking if he can babysit their child. This prompts Corey to deliver a top-notch answer.

“I’m not babysitting,” he laughs. As of now, the video has been viewed over 3.8 million times.

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“I’ll watch her. I’ll watch our child," he says. He clearly understands that there is no “babysitting” when it is your own child. It’s simply parenting.

“What are you talking about? You don’t call it ‘babysitting’ your kid,” he laughs again.

Taking the prank a touch further, Julie asks if he can babysit their child. Corey continues to explain that parenting isn’t babysitting.

“Spend quality time, have a daddy-daughter day, sure,” he says.

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Julie hopes for a reaction as she states that she will be gone for a few hours on Friday to get her nails done.

“OK, so go get your nails done,” he says, not fazed in the slightest. “But can you babysit?” she asks again.

“Why do you keep saying babysit?” he asks again.

In the comments, viewers were impressed that he understood the assignment. A man asked to watch their kids should never refer to it as “babysitting.”

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“‘You don’t babysit your kid,'” a woman gave Corey’s words a stamp of approval with clapping emoji.

“Green flag lol,” another wrote.

Many users believed that the husband’s initial reaction was that the wife wanted him to babysit other people's children.

The 'who are you babysitting?' His first thought was you were trying to pass off a nannying gig onto him lolllll," another wrote.

"He definitely thought someone else’s children were coming," added another.

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Several other woman have tried the trend on their husbands.

“Isn’t that just watching her?” a husband asks in this viral video posted by TikTok user @quincieandzach. “Babysit sounds like someone else is watching her,” he added.

In the comments, people loved the husband’s puzzled reaction. “You married a good man,” one user wrote.

“He understands the assignment. He’s parenting,” another replied.

Breathe a sigh of relief, ladies. There are good men in this world!

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