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Source: Sony Pictures

The Ending to the New 'Little Women' Movie Will Definitely Surprise You (SPOILERS!)


Most of us are quite familiar with the plot of Little Women. We’ve read the book (perhaps a few times), we’ve seen the movies (definitely a few times), and we’ve spent hours comparing ourselves to the four main characters. So if you went to see the most recent adaptation of Little Women, written and directed by Greta Gerwig, you’d be forgiven for thinking there wouldn’t be any surprises before the movie started. But you would be wrong.

One of the big differences in Greta’s Little Women is the ending. It’s not like the ending of the book, nor is it like the ending of the 1994 adaptation. It might actually be a bit shocking for people who have grown up loving the story of Little Women, but there’s a very good reason for the changes. Here’s why Greta Gerwig’s Little Women ending is so startling — but in a good way! (And yes, we’re including a spoiler alert. The book may be old, but the movie is new!)