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Source: Netflix

Alejandra Juarez with her daughters, Pamela and Estela, and husband, Temo.

What's Going to Happen to Alejandra Juarez From 'Living Undocumented'? What We Know


"Every time I turn on the TV, [Trump] says 'I love the military,' you know, 'I'm giving this to the veterans,' I'm helping the veterans,' and I'm thinking, shut the f–-k up, man," says Living Undocumented's Alejandra Juarez in a crucial scene of the 2019 Netflix documentary series

A few moments later, we watch the mother of two as she calmly switches off the lights in the foyer of her beautifully kept, tastefully decorated family house in Davenport, Fla. for the last time. 

The 2019 Netflix documentary series chronicles six families' lives, including the Juarez's never-ending battle with the U.S. authorities. In the course of six episodes, the show provides rare insight into the injustices they must endure day after day.