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Source: instagram

The Newest Trend in Marriage Proposals: "Loaner" Engagement Rings


The age-old tradition of presenting a prospective future spouse with a ring is being shaken up with a new trend: "loaner" engagement rings.

Getting married has become this horrifyingly complex and shallow list of to-dos that has pretty much killed my belief in true love. It seems like people concoct an idea of a dream wedding and then settle on a person who kinda fits the image they've drummed up in their minds.

People seem to have very clear ideas of what they want their significant other to look and sound like, what kind of job, car, hobbies and interests they should have. In addition to clear expectations about how they wish to be romanced and by whom, these Instagram-obsessed folks also have a clear vision for how they want to be proposed to. And a huge part of that is the ring they get during said proposal.

Never mind the fact that diamonds are one of the greatest marketing scams in the history of rocks (they're as common as quartz, but monopolized by one family), but if you get the supposed love of your life the wrong kind of ring, you will face an unholy poop-storm of guilt and shame that could threaten the very fabric of your relationship. 

Unless, you know, the two of you are actually in love. Then you'll be fine.