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Source: Getty

LOOΠΔ Is Making a Long-Awaited Comeback and K-Pop Fans Are All About It


If you happen to be well-versed in the vast world of K-pop, you're most likely somewhat familiar with the South Korean girl group, LOOΠΔ — the 12-girl band, created by BlockBerryCreative, hasn't made music since their album "[X X]" debuted in February 2019, according to Fandom. But almost a full year after their last release, it appears the group is reportedly stepping into the spotlight once again.

With the group's unexpected return, however, us diehard fans can't help but wonder: What ever happened to LOOΠΔ? Are they making new music? Here is everything you need to know regarding LOOΠΔ's apparent comeback, any new music they might be releasing, and if they're actually here to stay this time around. Fingers crossed!