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Source: Netflix

Who Is Luke Eisner? Meet the Breakout Star of Netflix's 'Tall Girl'


Netflix’s newest teen drama, Tall Girl, follows Jodi (played by Ava Michelle) who is struggling with high school bullies who are relentlessly taunting the 17-year-old about her height. Standing at 6'1,” Jodi is the victim of jokes about her stature and feels she can’t live up to her big sister Harper's (played by Sabrina Carpenter) “perfection.”  

When a foreign exchange student from Sweden named Stig (played by Luke Eisner) enters into her class, the two develop a bond and the handsome blonde gets to know the real Jodi. So, what should fans know about Netflix’s newest star? Well, it’s not a far stretch to say Luke is very much like his character in Tall Girl… except for the whole “being Swedish” thing.