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Source: Getty Images

Here's Why Danny Masterson's Rooster Probably Won't Be Back on 'The Ranch'


The first half of the fourth and final season of The Ranch hit Netflix Sept. 13, and as fans of the comedy get ready to say goodbye, they're probably wondering if there's a path for the return of Rooster. The older brother to Ashton Kutcher's Colt last appeared in the finale of the first half of Season 3 (aka Part 5), and in the start of Part 6, he is presumed dead. 

However, no body was ever found, so even though there has been a memorial service, there has always been a path for the writers of the series to bring Danny Masterson back to the show. However, it seems pretty unlikely, given the circumstances of his departure from the show.

Here's why Netflix had Rooster leave The Ranch.