Unfortunately a Trip to the Manosphere Might Have Driven Lyndon McLeod to Murder

Lyndon McLeod sent his ex-girlfriend a package from beyond the grave because he owed her money.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jul. 2 2024, Published 10:09 a.m. ET

Before Lyndon McLeod went on a killing spree that would end with the deaths of five people, many individuals in his immediate circle were concerned about the deeply troubled man. According to Vice, he was kicked out of his home in late 2020 after a living situation described as harmonious by his former roommates grew increasingly troubling. Amanda Knight told Denver and Louisiana state police that McLeod had fantasies of burning buildings down with a flamethrower.

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A year later Knight would stumble upon an article about a mass shooting and when she read who did it, she told Vice that she screamed and repeatedly said, "He f--king did it." She tried to stop this, but no one believed her. Their other roommate was both shocked and not surprised by the news. Where is Lyndon McLeod now? He can't hurt anyone, anymore.

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Where is Lyndon McLeod now? He was killed by police.

According to Denver ABC 7, McLeod was killed in a shootout with police on Dec. 27, 2021. This came on the heels of a mass shooting that left two people injured and five dead. This happened at multiple locations across Denver and Lakewood, Co. The last place he stopped was the Hyatt House, where he shot and killed a 28-year-old hotel clerk.

From the Hyatt House, McLeod "headed to the area of Alaska and Vance, where he encountered Lakewood Police Agent Ashley Ferris," reported the outlet. Ferris ordered McLeod to drop his weapon but he ignored her demands and shot her in the abdomen. While on the ground, Ferris was able to shoot McLeod multiple times, killing him.

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Lakewood Police Chief Dan McCasky would later tell the media they were incredibly proud of Ferris and the "bravery shown by her and her fellow law enforcement officers during this active shooter situation." He went on to say, "Our hearts are incredibly heavy with the loss of life and injuries suffered by others during this rampage." So, why did this happen?

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What happened to Lyndon McLeod?

The day after McLeod was killed, the Daily Beast did an exhaustive deep dive into his social media presence. What they found was another rage-filled man who sought refuge in the manosphere. McLeod peddled alt-right rhetoric, anti-vax beliefs, and alpha male supremacy all while encouraging others to perpetrate violence against those they perceived to be weak.

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Under the pen name Roman McClay, McLeod wrote and self-published a three-book series called Sanction which centers on a character named Lyndon McLeod who murders 46 people. Some of the attacks he described were similar to the murders he would later carry out. He would often go on alt-right podcasts. McLeod even condemned police for protecting those he deemed fragile.

He had previously been investigated by Denver police in 2020 and 2021, who later learned that each of his victims was targeted. Two weeks after he was killed, McLeod's ex-girlfriend told Vice she received a mysterious package in the mail from McLeod. It was post-marked the day of the shooting spree and contained a "47-minute movie he shot and edited in his final days," titled War Horse. The film was essentially McLeod laying out his plan for the attacks.

His books were also sent to his ex, along with a note telling her to sell them and the film for money. The books are what made him an alt-right star in certain corners of the internet. For the most part, McLeod's ex felt conflicted about profiting from his toxic thoughts and crimes. He had previously stolen $20,000 from her and only gave $11,000 back. She ultimately decided to do it. "I really don't have much of a choice," she told the outlet.

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