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Source: TikTok

The Popular MamaBearReynolds Account on TikTok Isn't for Everyone


We love a good lip sync video, but some of the clips (okay, a majority of the clips) on TikTok are just plain cringe-worthy.

Ashley Reynolds, aka @mamabearreynolds, may have started her account with a series of less-than-stellar lip syncs, but the mother of three has since become a popular Christian figure on the social media app.

Here’s what we know about Ashley based on her short, mobile videos.

Ashley uses her MamaBearReynolds TikTok account to spread her beliefs.

The self-described Protestant’s profile reads, "The Lord Jesus, my awesome husband & 3 kids, profession. In that order." In less than a year, she’s accumulated over 46k fans on the app and 430.1k hearts on her videos.