The Man Screaming About a Woman Doing Makeup in Her Car Isn't a Misogynist — It's About Safety

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jan. 9 2024, Published 6:10 p.m. ET

I have no real concept of time. Obviously I know what time is but when it comes to my ability to estimate how long something will take, I'm generally wrong. I almost always think something will take less time than it actually does and am constantly surprised by how wrong I am. This mostly happens when it comes to driving. Despite the use of Google Maps telling me how long it will take to get from point a to point b, I am usually late.

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Because I am always running late, I frequently cut corners or get rid of steps altogether while getting ready. The first thing to go is drying my hair. After that, I slowly chip away at things like clothing that might take too long to put on or even makeup. What I've never done is move my preparation process to the car, though I've seen it in action. Unlike one man who was caught ranting and raving about women applying makeup while driving, I've never done that. What's this guy's deal anyway?

A woman applies lipstick in a car
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Car mirrors are the best mirrors

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This guy is getting so emotional. He really needs to calm down.

Lance, who goes by @itslancebuttery on TikTok, begins his polarizing video in the middle of a wild rant. It's clear that Lance decided to pick up his phone as another mysterious man's anger reached a bizarre level. What makes this TikTok all the more amusing is the fact that Lance appears to be leaning against a plain white wall, giving the entire experience a trapped vibe.

The first thing we hear from the dude off-camera is something about women and a "valid one." I'm not much of a gambler but I'm willing to bet this guy, who I'm calling Chris, was saying his next complaint is valid. I wouldn't be surprised if this was part of a larger tirade about the ladies.

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Chris then starts babbling about the fact that women need to get up earlier so they have time to put their "f------ makeup on." At this point, it's unclear as to why women applying makeup at a certain time would upset Chris so much. I'm not alone in my confusion as tons of people in the comments wondered the same thing. "Wait, what is the context of this," asked one commenter. "Where are you and why is this convo even happening?"

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Lance, our hero, immediately defends women by suggesting they probably do get up early to apply makeup. For many women, makeup is part of their daily routine so it stands to reason they have factored that into their mornings. The big reveal finally occurs. Chris is annoyed because he saw a woman applying makeup while she was driving.

"Have you been seeing the same woman doing it every day for however long, so you know that's the only time she puts her makeup on?" asks Lance. This is a great question. Honestly, Chris shouldn't be this upset but it would make a bit more sense if he consistently caught the same woman acting this recklessly.

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Screenshot of comment under man's rant about women doing makeup in car TikTok
Source: TikTok/@itslancebuttery (screenshot)

Women know what they're doing!

What Chris says next couldn't be more revealing and in line with what little we already know about him. In an attempt to provide some context, Lance suggests that this might be a woman who was simply applying her makeup in the car that day because she was running late. It was an isolated incident.

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"It's like cheating," says Chris. "You've done it multiple times. It's the same thing." I have an update for Chris. Applying makeup in the car several times is not the same thing as cheating. In Chris's opinion, this woman (and women in general) is putting makeup on while in the car because they are lazy. The only way to stop this is if they wake up earlier.

Sensing that Lance is not on his side, Chris changes tactics. It's not that he might not like women and could be a serial cheater, Chris is concerned about safety. I won't disagree with the fact that applying one's makeup while driving is absolutely dangerous but what I do take issue with is Chris pretending that safety is his primary concern.

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