Woman Shares How to Remedy a "Bad Case of Tiny Top Lip" With a Makeup Trick

A girl shared her hack online for how she makes her tiny top lip look much fuller using makeup and it could be a game-changer for other people.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Oct. 20 2023, Updated 11:41 a.m. ET

I have experimented with many different plumping lip glosses over the years to do something — anything — about my thin upper lip. And one user on TikTok, whose name is @robitussin.dm, may have solved the issue for us all. It's also without the need for painful fillers, which is a definite win for those of us who would prefer not to go under the needle.

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The user, whose real name is Kiara, shared her hack for her own tiny top lip in a video, using makeup. And the makeup she used could be what many others have been searching for. Especially since, judging by the comments under the video, there are plenty of other people (ahem, myself included) who are on a constant search for something to give a little volume to their upper lip.

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A girl described her hack for tiny top lips.

In her video, Kiara uses a peel-away lip liner to make her lips appear bigger than they are. And I'm not going to lie, at first, when she smears on some black lip liner, I'm aghast. But if you stick with her, you'll see that the black lip liner eventually dries. And when she peels it off, she has lips that are nearly expertly lined in a pale pink color she then ribs in, thus creating the illusion of a larger upper lip.

"If you've got a bad case of tiny top lip, listen up," she says in her TikTok. "I for sure do. I for sure have that." She then shows the lip liner in question, which she says is $12. And, while Kiara at first thought the price was "a little steep," it's not basically a Godsend for her. And I would be lying if I said I wasn't immediately intrigued to try it out myself.

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The trick to Kiara's hack for her tiny top lip is to over-line your lips. Even if you have a prominent cupid's bow, or "M" shape to your top lip, you should over-line the natural lip line with the peel-away liner. Then, when you rub it in afterward, it should work for you like it does for Kiara. She finishes off her look with a gloss that is supposed to stay on for most of the day.

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Having a thin cupid's bow top lip is pretty common.

There are several comments under the TikTok about having a cupid's bow and pronounced thin upper lip. So much so that, for some people, it's hard to over-line the lip and have it look natural.

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"My cupid's bow is too defined for this," one user commented, with a crying face emoji. Another wrote, "Cried in pronounced cupid's bow. I can't over-line my lips."

But that's exactly what this hack is for, if you follow Kiara's instructions and apply it just right.

"Idk what people are talking about not being able to do it with a defined cupid's bow, 'cause I can, it just takes practice," someone commented under the video.

For the most part, people commented that they are already "convinced" and "influenced" by Kiara's video to buy the same peel-away lip liner and try the hack for themselves. There are some, however, who are fine with their thin upper lip and that's OK too.

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Whether you want to use the hack to get similarly faux plump lips like the TikTok user, or you're just fine with what you have, there's no wrong answer here. This hack is for those who maybe want to see their upper lip a little plumper without the pain (and cost) of lip fillers. And you can't be mad at that.

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