A Woman Shares Prison Makeup Hack and Wows Social Media

In a viral video, a woman shares a prison makeup hack that has stunned social media and earned her countless compliments. Details here.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jun. 28 2023, Published 2:00 p.m. ET

Looking good comes at a price! Thanks to social media, folks have been very open about their beauty practices from unconventional to the common standard.

Over the years, folks have remixed the order they apply cosmetics to achieve a specific finish and others have simply got creative with using food items in their beauty routines.

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That said, one TikTok user has left social media stunned as she shared her prison makeup hack. Yes, you read that correctly!

Here’s the 4-1-1 on her mind-blowing creation.

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A TikTok user shared her prison makeup hack.

It’s giving prison glam! In a June 25, 2023, TikTok video, creator Taylor @taylorbnice, shared her prison makeup hack that has captivated social media.

“How to make prison makeup,” the text on the video reads.

As the video starts, Taylor explained that she spent 17 years in prison and wants to show people how to make prison makeup.

“Alright, this is flour, cake mix, powdered sugar, and whatever you want to use, just make sure that it’s white,” Taylor said as she showed a small plastic container with the ingredients.

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“Then you’re going to need some Pepsi and some cocoa mix. And boom, you’re going to hit it with a little bit,” Taylor said as she poured a cap full of soda into the container. “If you put too much in the beginning, you’ll mess up and that will be it. So you want to take your time.”

Taylor went on to shout out Rihanna and ask to be a member of the Fenty Beauty team.

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“So Rihanna, if you are watching this, you want to put me on the team. You know what I’m saying? I know how to mix some s--- up,” Taylor said.

As the video continues, Taylor goes on to pour the cocoa mix into the container. She also made a point to say that “depending on how dark the person is, you want to start with a small amount.”

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Taylor proceeds to stir the mixture and says, “The soda makes it sticky so it can last on your face.”

“You have to mix for a very long time,” the text in the video reads.

Taylor said that you have to keep adding a little more soda as you go until it's well blended.

“If it’s too dark, just add some powdered sugar, cake mix, and flour,” Taylor added. “If you want to hide a black eye, if you’re in prison cheating on your partner and you don’t want your man to see when he comes up there that you got a hickey on your neck, this is how you do it.”

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Taylor shared that if someone wants a makeup brush effect, they would use a tampon to apply the mixture. She then showed how the mixture was applied to her skin by applying it to her forearm where she has a tattoo.

And based on the application, not only does the mixture cover the tattoo flawlessly, it’s a perfect match to her skin tone. She also applied the mixture to her face — at her brow bone and the under-eye area — with a small brush and it yielded the same result.

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TikTok users are astonished by Taylor’s prison makeup hack.

Baby … everyone loves when you can provide a receipt. Taylor has been receiving tons of praise from social media users after seeing the results of her prison makeup hack.

“Prison has some of the best chemists,” one person shared.

“Nah because why is it full coverage and edible, I’m sold,” another user shared.

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“Why did your shade match better than my Sephora?” another user chimed in.

While folks are amazed by Taylor’s concoction, others couldn't help but comment about her spending 17 years in jail. After all, the consensus is that Taylor looks very young to have done serious time behind bars.

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“17 years? You must have gone in as a toddler?” one user commented.

“Not you looking 17?” a person shared.

Don’t get me wrong, Taylor’s concoction is truly impressive. In fact, the video has earned over 1 million likes on TikTok.

However, this isn't something folks should use who have access to cosmetics. This is for folks in prison. Let’s not decide to play with cake mixes to end up dealing with a face full of blemishes.

Either way, we respect the hustle, Taylor! All is fair when it comes to glam behind bars.

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