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Source: Lifetime

Here's Your First Look at the Cast of 'Marrying Millions'


You ever come across a reality TV show that makes you wish you had been chosen as part of the cast? For us, it's Marrying Millions, a Lifetime series that follows couples from "completely different worlds" — read: one is rich, and the other... not so much. 

They're engaged to be married but before they walk down the altar, the two have to bridge the gaps between them and, per Lifetime's own description, find a way to "fit into each other's alien worlds." Rest assured, it's not all caviar and private jets — they navigate family pressure, prenups, and all other sorts of problems that affect the 1%.

Here's everything you need to know about the six couples who will make you wonder whether money can buy love and happiness.

1. Katie and Kolton

Source: Lifetime

Katie (whom you might recognize from her time on Real Housewives of Orange County), 37, was previously married to baseball star Josh Hamilton, and came out of the divorce with three daughters and $10 million in her name. Then one fine day, her 18-year-old daughter Julia brought friends home. Among them was Kolton, 23, and the two hit it off immediately.

Kolton is an aspiring rapper with singles like "Remember Me," "I'm Way Up," and his most recently released (and ominous??) track, "Bad at Love." Will Katie and Kolton, who've been together three months, make it all the way to the altar? 

She hasn't met his parents, and Julia is understandably not too fond of the idea of her friend becoming her stepdad. Yikes!