TikToker Explains the True Meaning of Ghost's Song "Mary on a Cross," and It's Blasphemous

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Apr. 7 2023, Updated 11:33 a.m. ET

Have you ever really liked a song and then had your world totally upended when you learned that the lyrics didn’t actually mean what you thought they did? Take Metro Station’s “Shake It” for example. Did you think that song was about dancing? Wrong. You've been living a lie. As we explain here, it's a spicy song that should come with a PG-13 rating.

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As should the track "Mary on a Cross" by Swedish rock band Ghost. I regret to inform you that while it sounds like it's a religious song, the lyrics are actually referring to something quite blasphemous. Below a TikTok creator fills us in on what this song is really about.

ghost band grammys
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Swedish rock band Ghost at the Grammy Awards in 2016

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What is Ghost's "Mary on a Cross" song about? TikTok explains.

Ghost's 2022 track "Mary on a Cross" sounds like a love song. At first listen, you'll notice the lead singer is reflecting on a relationship that has appeared to have gone sour. "We were speeding together / Down the dark avenues / But besides all the stardom / All we got was blues," he sings.

The lyrics continue to note that the lead singer still has feelings for this person. "I never let you go, let you go."

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And then comes the chorus: "You go down just like Holy Mary/ Mary on a, Mary on a cross / Not just another Bloody Mary / Mary on a, Mary on a cross."

Now, you're probably wondering what the first line "You go down just like Holy Mary" actually means. TikTok user @pixie.0_0.girl translates it for us in her video below.

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"The lyrics 'You go down just like Holy Mary' is referring to when Mary was on her knees in front of Jesus when he was crucified," she says as she pulls up a visual that shows Many kneeled down beneath Jesus, who is nailed at the cross.

Now here's where things get interesting. @Pixie.0_0.girl continues: "I don't know about you guys but when I go down on my knees in front of a man, it's usually for a different reason. And that different reason is the exact meaning of the song. Because the whole song is about the girlfriend of the lead singer giving him a really good b--- j--."

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"So no, it's not about love, happily ever after, or beauty," she says, adding "It's just about giving someone head," @Pixie.0_0.girl confirms as she ends her video.

Users in the comment section were taken aback. "Who else feels betrayed,?" posed one user. Another wrote: It sounds so enchanting and beautiful and romantic tho."

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*Heavy sigh.* Perhaps sometimes we're better off not knowing the whole truth in every situation.

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