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Source: Getty

Matthew Noszka Plays a Painfully Attractive Hockey Player in 'Let It Snow'


The forthcoming Netflix full feature film, Let It Snow charts the story of eight young adults, some of whom are pining after another, and some already dating. 

JP (Matthew Noszka) falls into the former category, playing the painfully handsome, eye candy-status hockey player who stirs up some serious trouble between two would-be lovebirds, Angie and Tobin. 

What should we know about Matthew Noszka, Let It Snow's resident heartthrob?  

Meet Matthew Noszka, the construction worker turned model and actor. 

While his on-screen character, JP is an enthusiastic hockey player who gives all his might to attaining success in the team sport, Matthew knows a thing or two about grit as well. 

Matthew got accepted to a business school near his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa. on a basketball scholarship. After graduation, he chose a profession that requires inhuman strength and a good deal of perseverance, and took up work as a laborer.