McDonald's Fill Up Cup Trick
Source: TikTok | @lucesraeh2317

McDonald’s Employees Show How They Deal With Customers Who Want Their Cup Filled up More


Nov. 2 2021, Updated 10:51 a.m. ET

Morgan Spurlock tried with all of his might to destroy the fast food industry in America and for a while, it looked like he was going to succeed. We saw the rise of other quick dining experiences that featured "healthier" options, like Subway, which hasn't been moving sandwiches like they used to.

McDonald's saw a drop for a while, however, the fast-food dining giant has managed to ramp up its offerings and brandings over the years.

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As a result, the iconic American-based chain has experienced tremendous growth. So much so that because of this expansion, combined with the workforce dip due to economic repercussions from the COVID-19 pandemic, even fully staffing these restaurants has become problematic for many retailers.

There's also the fact that working a fast food job isn't exactly the most glamorous of positions, which results in both a high turnover rate and low employee satisfaction.

While there are plenty of McDonald's workers who've managed to go on and become franchise owners after flipping burgers, there are also tons who are stuck hating their jobs. So they come up with ways to keep themselves entertained while on the clock.

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McDonald's Fill Up Cup Trick
Source: Getty

We've seen some Mickey D's workers try to state that there's no difference in the drink sizes offered by the burger chain, and then there are others who show the spiteful reaction to customers who insist on receiving fresh fries (hint: they just re-dip the old fries in the hot oil again before serving them up.)

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And this McDonald's worker posted a TikTok showing how they respond to customers who ask for their drinks to be "topped off" with more soda.

Don't worry, it's not like they spit in the cup or put in extra rat feces from the soda machine, but instead they just dump more ice into it.

At least that's what @lucesraeh2317 said they do.

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mcdonalds drink filll up
Source: TikTok | @lucesraeh2317

The clip features a text overlay with the message, "when they want you to fill up the drink more." In the video, an anonymous employee is shown at the drive-thru video taking a cup of soda that's nearly filled entirely to the brim. They then give the drink to another worker who's shown recording the clip.

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The employee holding the camera then just loads up the cup with some more ice and then the beverage is handed to the customer and they go on their merry way.

Commenters were not happy with the ice trick the McDonald's employees pulled.

mcdonalds drink fill up
Source: TikTok | @lucesraeh2317
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Even though the poster clarified that they were only recording the video as a joke and that they don't really do this while on the clock at McDonald's, there were tons of other TikTok-ers who doubled down on their decision to ask for "no ice" when they get a beverage, thus avoiding the well-known finesse from restaurants who are looking to save on all of their precious soda.

mcdonalds drink tiktok
Source: TikTok | @lucesraeh2317
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mcdonalds drink fill up tikok
Source: TikTok | @lucesraeh2317

A bunch of commenters didn't seem to get the memo that Luces' post was a joke and continued to castigate the young employee for her joke. She responded to her decriers with a simple message: "stay home and cook then."

What do you think of the Fast Food "spite" jokes that are making the rounds on social media? Do you find them funny? Or mean-spirited?

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