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Source: YouTube

McDonald's Just Upped Their Chicken Sandwich Game With Two New Sammies


Everyone has a different strategy to survive the dreaded Mondays — some of us rely on endless amounts of coffee as a vice, while others resort to sweets. For me, though, it's definitely something greasy off the McDonald's menu, and that's why I'm dying to try the chain's new chicken sandwiches, which just came out earlier this month. 

Those who appreciate fast-food are mind-blown that McDonald's has officially joined the legendary battle of the chicken sandwich — Mickey D's could ultimately take the lead in the legendary chicken sandwich battle with two new varieties. Both were tested earlier in select markets in 2019, and are now officially available nationwide as of January 2020. So if you're dying for a taste, stay tuned for more on the McChicken Biscuit and the Chicken McGriddle sandwiches.