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Source: Getty Images

MMMMitchell's Makeup Palette Might Be Just What the Beauty World Needs Right Now


Celebrity makeup lines are a dime a dozen these days, but MMMMitchell's palette is in a league of its own. The social media star (real name: Mitchell Halliday) is releasing his Me, Myself & MMMMitchell rainbow palette on September 1, and makeup fiends around the world are pumped.

So who is MMMMitchell, and is the Me, Myself & MMMMitchell rainbow palette really going to take the beauty world by storm?! Here's what you should know.

MMMMitchell is now an accomplished makeup artist, but he got his start in a boy band!

In 2016,  MMMMitchell (who then went by his full name, Mitchell Halliday) competed with his boyband on the The X-Factor in the U.K. The group was eliminated in the final round, but Mitchell's showbiz career was just beginning.