Medusa Tattoos Have Become Popular on TikTok — Here's What the Tats Represent

Tattoo TikTok has been filled with people getting Medusa tattoos, and many want to know what the tattoos mean and why they're so popular.


Nov. 10 2021, Published 10:44 a.m. ET

There's a corner of TikTok focused on pretty much every interest, so it should come as no surprise that people who are passionate about tattoos have found a home on the platform. If you've stumbled on tattoo TikTok, or even if you're a member, you may have noticed that many users are getting tattoos of Medusa. As it turns out, there's a deeper, symbolic meaning behind those tattoos.

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Medusa tattoos are popping up all over TikTok.

Those familiar with Greek mythology likely know that Medusa was a mythic figure who was capable of turning a man to stone with just a look. Oh, and she had snakes for hair. All of this makes her sound rather unappealing, but it also speaks to the way men likely shaped many of the most famous stories told about women. Now, women are reclaiming that narrative for themselves.

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Although there are likely a million different reasons to get a Medusa tattoo, the most common one on TikTok right now is designed to invert the narrative that women should be punished or blamed in the wake of being sexually assaulted. In some tellings of Medusa's story, she was raped by Poseidon and then punished by Athena because of it. Now, women are reclaiming her as a figure of strength and empowerment.

Historically, the figure of Medusa has been used to ward off evil. Medusa, who is often evil herself in these tellings, is used as a figure to repel other evil forces. Now, many are claiming that Medusa is not an evil figure, but a strong person who had to overcome enormous pain and trauma. Although she never actually existed, her story is one that many women on TikTok have found themselves relating to.

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TikTok users have been sharing what their tattoos mean to them.

Although every TikTok user has a different interpretation of their Medusa tattoo, in recent days, many of them have shared why they got their tattoos, and the hidden meaning they see behind them. No two stories are exactly the same, but Medusa is yet another example of the way that women are reclaiming narratives and giving history a different tint than it once had.

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Tattoos have trended on TikTok before.

The Medusa tattoo is just the latest example of a trendy tattoo that has made an impact on TikTok. One tattoo that was especially popular among Gen Z was of a Z that many thought represented their demographic age group. Others were quick to point out, though, that the symbol they had gotten inked on their body closely resembled the Nazi symbol for unity.

Many of the people who got this tattoo weren't aware of the symbol and immediately began to regret their decision to get the tattoo. Tattoo trends may be great fodder for TikTok, but you should always double-check that you know what something means before you get it inked onto your body forever. Otherwise, you may end up with a Nazi symbol somewhere on your person. Other times, though, you'll get something that's deeply meaningful.

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