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Source: iStock Photo

Dad Accidentally Let Son Take His Mom's Menstrual Cup for Show and Tell


The TIFU (Today I F---ed Up) subreddit is full of juicy tales of people dropping the ball in big, catastrophic ways. And this story, which involves a beyond clueless dad, a curious son, a classroom show-and-tell presentation, and a menstrual cup is no exception. 

This dad is in charge of the house for a couple weeks while his wife is out of town for work. "Sometime over the weekend," he wrote, "I noticed my son playing with this little silicone cup that kinda looked like a tulip." 

Dad had no idea what it was and asked the son to show him what it did. "Over the next few days," he wrote, "it helped the Paw Patrol save the town, it was a treasure chest holding tiny pebbles guarded by pirates, a force field protecting a space ship. It came with us to the park, grocery shopping, and even out to dinner one night." I think you can see where this is going. 

Source: iStock Photo