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These Memes of Michael Jordan Laughing Are Literally Everything



Whether you're an avid NBA fan or if you simply enjoyed the 1996 comedy Space Jam, there's a relatively likely chance you've watched the ESPN docu-series on the famous athlete called The Last Dance. The show, which aired its seventh and eighth episodes on Sunday, May 10, fathered a brand-new meme that you've most likely seen on the internet today, and it's bound to make you LOL.

In Episode 8, Seattle Supersonics' 1996 Defensive Player of the Year, Gary Payton discussed what it was like to defend and supposedly intimidate MJ in the NBA finals that year, and MJ's reaction led to the now-famous Michael Jordan laughing meme. While we'll always love the Michael Jordan crying meme, it seems as though a new meme for No. 23 has been born.

That person you're seeing tries to convince you they're "different," and —

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Let's be honest — this has happened to all of us at some point or another, and we're just going to have to learn to laugh it off like MJ does.

Or, alternatively, when you get the response you've always wanted.

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Literally dying right now, but we'll take it. 

Sometimes your goals and your boss' goals don't align... and that's fine.

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It's safe to say that most of our productivity levels are truly laughable right now, and our boss' perception of "WFH" definitely isn't the same as ours.

This might actually be the best day of Michael Jordan's entire NBA career...

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There is definitely no denying that most of Michael Jordan's emotions are hilarious, but this one takes the cake by a mile... and we're guessing he's relieved this one has taken over. 

This meme will be an appropriate reaction to our eyebrows, hair, nails, etc.

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We haven't gotten our hair dyed or cut, our nails painted, or our eyebrows threaded in literal months, and if you think most of us won't come out of this looking like a joke, you're wrong.

Your optimism is hilarious.

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Oh, of course, the NFL will be up and running, just like everything was up and running as of Easter, right? Go on, your optimism is truly hilarious.

All of us have definitely seen this reaction before...

Oh right, we heard this exact laugh from the Joker in Batman, and it was evil laughter. Either way, though, we will forever stan No. 23.

What are leftovers?

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Seriously, whether we're whipping up a bowl of pasta, some challah, or simply a batch of chocolate chip cookies, there aren't going to be "leftovers" in the end, trust us.

Likewise, we're always THIS thrilled to get extra food.

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"Accidentally" getting extra food in our takeout never fails to come as a blessing. Will always be overjoyed in total MJ fashion.

Jordan is the true king.

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Don't get us wrong — we love King James more than life itself — but No. 23 will always be the king of basketball.

MJ laughing is our favorite meme to come from The Last Dance, but it certainly isn't the last... we can't wait to see what comes next.

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