Millennial Names Like Ashley and Amanda Are Now "Old People Names," According to Kids Today

"My daughter told me a kid in her class has a dad name. Kid's name is Josh," a commenter wrote.


Feb. 22 2024, Published 1:37 p.m. ET

If you were a kid in the '90s, you probably had about five different Ashleys and Amandas in your classroom with you. Probably some Jennifers and Jessicas and Ambers too.

Well, Gen Alpha is here to tell you that you're now all just a bag of bones.

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That's right — one millennial mom on TikTok decided to ruin our day by informing us that her young daughter considers the names of our youth to be "old people names."

So put down your giant Discman headphones, take a sip of some SunnyD, and listen to what this mom has to say.

tiktok millennial names like ashley, amber, amanda now old people names
Source: TikTok/@ciaoamberc

She's right and she should say it.

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Attention, millennials: Our names are now "old people names."

A mom on TikTok named Amber Cimiotti posted a video in February 2024, recounting a conversation she had with her young daughter.

"The other day my daughter told me the name Ashley or Amanda — or my name [Amber] — are old people names," she began her video, adding, "And I never thought about it this way."

Neither did we until now — thanks for that, Amber! (Kidding.)

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"But [my daughter] was like, 'Yeah, my teacher's names are like Ms. Erica, Ms. Samantha, there's Amandas and Ashleys ... like those are just old people names.'"

The "young people names," according to what this TikToker has gleaned from her daughter's generation, are names like Scarlet, Olivia, Penelope, Isabella, Bella, Ella, and the like.

"For me, Ashley is always going to be like my friend from elementary, so it seems like a kid name to me," Amber said. "But it's not. Ashley, Amanda, Amber — all of these names are basically the name Margaret or Barbara."

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old people names are now young people names - tiktok
Source: TikTok

Not 'Mambo No. 5'!

In the comments section, folks mentioned other millennial names that are now "old."

"My daughter told me a kid in her class has a dad name. Kid's name is Josh 😂," one person wrote.

"I work in a NICU and we just had a baby named 'Jennifer'… first Jennifer I’ve seen in 20 years in the NICU! 😂," someone else commented.

"My son's principal is Kyle, his teacher is Chad, a different teacher is Tiffany and the secretary is Samantha. I cannot. Where's Nancy and Frank," another person asked.

"Kid in my class asked me to tell her a grandma name. I said Gertrude. She said 'I think I’ll use Nicole,'" said another.

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Others proved this mom's point with their own name choices.

"I have a Caroline (7) who just told me she wants to go by Carol because other people shorten their names for nicknames. CAROL. That's great grandma!" one mom commented.

Another wrote: "I’m an Ashley and I’ve got a 4 y/o named Wilma 👵🏻"

sure let's get you to bed grandma meme - blink-182 tom delonge

If this meme makes you laugh, you might have an "old person" name.

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And many said they'd also noticed how the "old" names of yesteryear are the "young" names of today.

"My class of 3-year-olds is all old people names: Florence, Norah, Nellie, Lorelei," one person commented.

"My daughter's class has what I consider 'old people' names. Francis, Pearl, Eliza, Ruby and Pierre," wrote another.

"Yes! My students are like 'me and my friend Edna, Mabel and Hazel …l 🙄 and then they’re like 'my grandma Jennifer' 😡😡😡," a commenter added.

"I'm a Lindsey and a student told me miss that's a '90s name 😂," someone else added.

And some commenters were just downright offended. (We totally get it.)

"Um ow. First skinny jeans, then the side part and now my NAME?! 🥺" a gal named Amanda wrote.

"As an Amanda, I am horrified," another one said.

"What a way to find out that I’m basically Gertrude to this new generation 😭," a third Amanda commented.

"Erica here. Feeling attacked," another comment read.

"How dare you?" a Carly wrote.

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millennial names like ashley amber amanda are now old people names - tiktok comment
Source: TikTok

A triple whammy.

In conclusion...

Time is a flat circle; everything old is new again; etc.

Now excuse us while we try not to look boxy in these dang wide-leg jeans.

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