"What Is a Floppy Disk?" — Teacher Gives Class '90s Trivia and Almost Everyone Fails

A teacher shared a video on TikTok where he gives his elementary school-aged class '90s trivia questions. Only one student gets one question correct.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Aug. 31 2023, Published 11:18 a.m. ET

There's nothing that makes you feel old like a class full of young kids who look at you like you have a booger on your face if you mention relics from the '90s. That's exactly what happens in one teacher's TikTok video when he gives his class '90s trivia and only one kid gets one answer right. The user, @chesterstoeckle, whose real name is Chester, says in the caption that he gave his class random '90s trivia at the end of the school year for fun.

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But for those of us who were alive in the '90s and know what a floppy disk and The Real World are, it's not so fun. It's just a painful reminder that we're getting old. At least, that's how I feel after watching the video. OK, that may be a little dramatic, since the kids are pretty funny with their stumped faces at almost every question.

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A class of elementary school students are stumped by '90s trivia.

In the video, Chester starts off by asking one of his students what "be kind, rewind" means. As a '90s kid myself, I know that it is in reference to rewinding VHS tapes before you return them to Blockbuster or your local video rentals store. Both of which are pretty extinct right now. Feel free to go cry in "elder millennial."

Chester also asks the kids what a Trapper Keeper is, what vinyls are, and what a floppy disk is. The latter question gets this response from one of the kids: "A disk that's floppy?" I mean, they aren't wrong, but it is still painfully far from the answer we're looking for here.

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The kids continue to show their lack of '90s pop culture awareness when they don't know what VH1 or MTV stands for and they aren't aware of the first reality show that MTV aired. When the teacher asks what the sound is while he plays audio of dial-up internet, one of the kids shouts that it's what they heard in The Baby-Sitters Club.

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They're also painfully unaware of what a Sega Dreamcast was and what the first handheld Nintendo game device made popular in the '90s was (Game Boy). I can't help but weep for this generation.

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Everyone in the comments feels old now after getting the questions right.

Personally, I got almost every question right during the TikTok video. And one of the students answered correctly when they were asked what Beanie Babies are. Another failed to respond when asked what the first rule of Fight Club is, so technically that's a correct answer.

The one question that stumped most who watched the video was what a "Pee-Chee folder" is. Apparently, they were yellow-ish folders with inside pockets. They also had common reference charts for kids, including multiplication tables, printed on them. But other than that question, most are pretty easy for the average '90s kid.

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But the comments under the video show how so many people just feel old after watching a video where questions about their childhood were answered incorrectly.

"Not me ... in bed watching this and shouting out the answers feeling like a genius, only [to] realize I'm just Old," one user commented. "This is so great. Excellent job, teach!"

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Another wrote, "That was brutal to watch. I feel ancient." I'm inclined to agree with that one, to be honest. I don't think I ever felt my age until I watched this class full of kids look dumbfounded about questions that are from part of my childhood.

One TikTok user commented that the teacher should have asked who Lisa Frank is. And a few questioned whether or not the questions were truly '90s-themed, with a couple teetering on late '80s trivia. Still, if you were born in the late '80s or very early '90s, the questions should be easy.

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