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Source: NBC / Twitter

People Share Their Worst Misheard Lyrics and It's Too Hilarious


I don't know why, but when my siblings and I would belt out to The Lion King soundtrack when we were little kids, we'd sing "Can You Feel the Fluff Tonight?" at the top of our lungs. Did we actually think the Disney movie starring cartoon lions had a whole song dedicated to the texture of spreadable marshmallow? I don't know. Did it stop us? Definitely not. 

We've all misheard a lyric or two in our lifetimes, so when New Yorker writer Emily Nussbaum asked the people of Twitter to share their "worst musical misunderstandings," more than 9,000 people delivered. And the answers are hilarious.

Source: Twitter

Obviously, in "Benny and the Jets," the lyric is "electric boobs." It makes way more sense than "electric boots," which is the actual word. That song has so many hard-to-understand lines. Growing up, I couldn't understand what a "mole hair suit" was or why anyone, let alone Benny, would want to wear one. It was only in adulthood that I realize the word was "mohair," and if I'm being completely honest, I still have no idea what that is.