Women Share the Most Irrational Things They've Done Because of Hormones

Hormone changes can make you act irrationally and do things you would never normally do. People are sharing the craziest things they've done because of hormones.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Aug. 6 2019, Updated 6:31 a.m. ET

If you are a person who suffers or has suffered from drastic hormone changes, whether it's due to pregnancy, periods, or something else, just know that we are in this together. We are right there next to you alternately sobbing and laughing and being extremely confused about our own emotions. It happens to the best of us. It's not your fault. 

This thread is full of irrational things people have done while under the influence of hormones, and while it's bonkers, it's also quite comforting. There's camaraderie in the crazy.

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Twitter user @tintytwink started us off, generously explaining her own story in subsequent tweets. After she'd just had twin babies, their dad came home from work while she was cooking sausages. He looked into the pan and made a slight face in reaction to what she was cooking, and that was enough to set her off. "Without saying a word," she wrote, "I very calmly walked to the back door, opened it and threw EVERY F—ING PAN OVER THE FENCE." 

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I often imagine exchanges with other people (i.e., complete strangers) while I am out in public. It's fun to do! I also make up names and lives for them. But rarely do I imagine starting arguments with them out of the blue, then feeling guilty about it and bursting into tears. This is a special scenario that can only be brought on by a total hormone surge. The funniest thing about all this is that she never actually talked to this woman! At all! 

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It is such a pain in the butt when a fork gets stuck in the dishwasher tray. I cannot imagine having to deal with it while I am raging with hormones. In fact, I'm getting frustrated almost to the point of tears right now just thinking about struggling to remove a fork that's stuck. It's the worst thing! I've definitely lost control trying to pull a fork out of the dishwasher when I wasn't even blinded by hormones. 

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Apparently, "baby brain" is a real thing that happens to pregnant people. Something happens... maybe the fact that you are carrying and growing an entire human being inside of you shifts your brain's priorities and you forget simple things you would otherwise obviously know. But it's terrifying! And while it is objectively funny to call a refrigerator a "cold cupboard," that dude learned the hard way not to laugh at his girlfriend's woes.

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Oh man, this is the worst. I have had several stress dreams in which my partner has cheated on me, and I always wake up fuming and just kind of stay grumpy and "off" for the rest of the day. I cannot imagine having this happen while I am chock full of hormones. Partners who don't go through this have to understand and empathize with their significant others. Don't laugh or get frustrated. It will only be worse for you if you do.

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What a thoughtful husband, but also, did she just think there weren't articles in that section of the paper that day? Was she fooled by the holes in the paper? If I saw that many holes in my newspaper, I would be so concerned about how many disturbing stories are out there that even just the holes would probably make me sad. However, her husband was trying to protect her, and their dumb friend definitely messed up with this one.

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To be fair, that is maybe the most annoying song in the world, if I was around two little girls who wouldn't stop singing it, I probably also would have had the same reaction. Also, for those who are not Italian or from the East Coast, (I think it's an East Coast thing?) "Sunday dinner gravy" means tomato sauce. Probably super delicious, homemade, been simmering on the stove for hours, bright red tomato sauce. I bet it left a mark on that wall.

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Sometimes, when you are not having fun, the worst thing the people around you can do is have fun themselves. If you are miserable, everyone else should be miserable, too. It's just logic. So while it might seem like these kids were innocent, they were not. They were taunting her with their smiles and their laughter, their children's games and their leisure activities, and they deserved to be punished for it.

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Source: Twitter

This was a real mistake on the part of her partner. Under normal circumstances, everyone wants to watch a YouTube video of an ugly dog. Those are the best. No matter how ugly a dog is, it's still incredibly cute. In fact, the uglier the dog, the cuter it is. That's just how it is. I don't make the rules. But to overlook the fact that the dog was also named Holly? That's just an amateur move. He should have known better.

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Is this story real life, or is this something Betty Draper did in an episode of Mad Men? That's truly what it seems like. The amount of suburban ennui injected into this sentence is truly astounding. The only thing that could have increased it is if she was simultaneously smoking a long cigarette and drinking a gimlet. It wasn't even a completely burnt pavlova meringue! The pavlova was only slightly burnt!

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This might be the most extreme story on the list, if only for the amount of money that was spent while she was in the midst of this hormonal rage. However outsized her reaction may have seemed at the time, I have no doubt that whatever her boyfriend said totally warranted it. Men are kind of the worst when it comes to dealing with people who are in a vulnerable state. Honestly, it's definitely his fault she ended up across the Atlantic Ocean.

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There are a few entries in this thread that are so infuriating because they aren't, as far as I'm concerned, illustrating crazy things people did because of hormones. They are instead illustrating completely rational and valid reactions to awful things male partners do and say. This is one of them. And while I approve of this woman's move, I myself would probably sit there in the locked car, lock eyes with my complaining husband, and eat that cheesecake all by myself.

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Can you imagine coming home after an entire day away, a day during which your child's mother has been keeping your child alive and cared for, only to complain that there was no dinner on the table? He's lucky he didn't get punched in the face. Honestly, I want to find him and punch him in the face myself. He should get so much more thrown at him. I hope this guy either got his act together or got shown the door.

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I cannot express this enough; if your partner does anything less than bow and kiss your feet when you present him with a cooked dinner, kick him to the curb. Immediately. He doesn't deserve you and he never will. I hope he completely changed and cleaned up his act before she married him. I also hope that he bought her a new plate, tray, and set of cutlery. She deserves so much better. And he deserves to eat chicken every night for the rest of his life.

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Back to men who are finally learning how they must treat partners who are suffering from drastic hormonal changes. When your pregnant wife wants watermelon at 10 p.m., you get your pregnant wife her nighttime watermelon. This is actually the reason most grocery stores are open late. OK, that might not be true, but it should be. Dealing with hormones isn't easy for anyone, but it's especially hard for the person actually going through it. 

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