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Source: iStock Photo / Twitter

A Driver and an Old Woman Have a Surprisingly Beautiful Talk About Love and Sex


It's not every day that you are driving an older woman around and she initiates a conversation about what it's like to be with a woman. When that happened to one Twitter user, she was initially suspicious about the line of questioning. Obviously. 

But what resulted was a lovely and heartbreaking story about one woman who's been struggling with her feelings and deciding what to do about them. Get the tissues ready because this story will make you emotional.

Source: Twitter

I bet that when you have a job driving older people around, you end up having a lot of fascinating conversations. It's probably a crapshoot whether you end up with a progressive, understanding old person or one of those, you know, super racist grandparents who feel like they can say anything they want to in your car. Obviously, it was a little strange when this older lady asked if the woman driving her around had ever been with a woman.