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Woman Who Thought Dude Was Flirting Gets Rude Awakening When He Sends Pic of Her as Buzz Lightyear



What do you call that thing, you know, when you think your personal trainer is totally flirting with you because he asks for your phone number and even asks to take a picture of you, but then it turns out he's not flirting at all, he just thought you looked like a beloved animated character voiced by Tim Allen and he uses your phone number to send you a picture of your face photoshopped on Buzz Lightyear's?

Oh yeah. It's called hilariously embarrassing. This is unfortunately exactly what happened to Twitter user Emily Baumgartner, who thankfully had enough of a sense of humor about the whole thing to share it on Twitter, where it deservedly went completely viral.

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While this is a blow to Emily, no doubt, we have to admit...her trainer isn't wrong. She does kind of resemble the arrogant Space Ranger. And that's not a bad thing! He's got very expressive eyebrows...and that swirly chin thing. He's a good-looking cartoon toy!

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Quick, look at the above picture of Buzz Lightyear, then scroll quickly to the photoshopped picture with Emily's face. Then back to Buzz. And back to Emily again. The resemblance is there! You can't really deny it. 

Look, there are worse cartoon characters to bear resemblance to, even other characters from Toy Story itself. At least she doesn't resemble either of the Potato Heads, right? And she's much better looking than Rex, the scaly green dinosaur. 

But as one other Twitter user pointed out, she does also kind of look like Woody.

Source: Twitter

I don't really know what it is. Maybe it's just the shape of her face? Her super smooth, beautiful skin? Her distinguished, impressive eyebrows? Her high, perfect cheekbones? Emily is as perfect as a cartoon toy. I think she should take this as a compliment.

And hey, you never know! Maybe her trainer really was trying to flirt with her and just thought this was the way to do it. That's got to be sort of comforting, right? Maybe this guy is just literally the worst in the world at flirting with women he likes. 

Emily might not have meant for this to happen, but her initial tweet went totally viral, garnering over 34,000 retweets and 215,000 likes. Emily-as-Buzz-Lightyear was plastered all over Twitter for a couple days there. And so of course, people started having fun with the photo, including this dude, who improved the Photoshop job tenfold.

Source: Twitter

Jackson here seamlessly integrated their eyebrows, color-corrected her face, smoothed out the borders, and added that signature chin swirl, and girl, I hate to tell you this, but it works. Emily is Buzz Lightyear. 

Soon, the requests were pouring in for him to photoshop people's faces onto other Disney cartoon characters.

Source: Twitter

Honestly, this woman also looks exactly like Francis the ladybug from A Bug's Life (a criminally underrated Disney movie). It's a perfect match. I'm now really into this trend of people's faces being inserted into Disney movies, and I want it to continue. I'd like to thank Emily for her service. Without her sharing this potentially embarrassing moment, we wouldn't have all this joy.

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