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Source: Discovery

Mitch Blaschke Makes a Pretty Darn Good Living for Himself as a Mechanic on 'Gold Rush'


Fans of Gold Rush don't watch the show just to see a bunch of folks dig for an elusive shiny mineral, as after-school special-ey as it might sound, it's all about the journey. Discovery Channel has thankfully arranged a colorful cast of characters for the program who are all hoping to strike it rich and find enough gold to dive head first into like Scrooge McDuck.

Prospecting isn't easy business though, and it requires people with specific skills, like what Mitch Blaschke has to offer as the wiz mechanic on Parker's crew of gold diggers.

An Oregon native, Mitch is a self-taught mechanic who jumped into the trade all bright-eyed and busy-tailed at the young age of 14. He first started working at a collision repair shop after school was out in order to earn enough money to fund his kart racing career. The grease monkey has had a need for speed since a very young age that's carried well into adulthood. Sometimes, it puts not only his livelihood, but health in jeopardy.