Alexa Plays Messenger for This Mom's Hilarious Announcement to Her Daughter

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Dec. 14 2023, Updated 4:30 p.m. ET

TikToker @realfionao uses Alexa to make announcements and talk to her daughter in her college dorm room.
Source: TikTok / /@realfionao

Navigating the transition when your kids head off to college varies for every parent. Some might experience anxiety and depression, while others revel in newfound freedom. However, one universal truth remains: You can always count on being able to connect and chat with your kiddos.

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Just ask TikTok creator Fiona O'Brien (@realfionao), who employs Amazon Alexa announcements to playfully disrupt her daughter's college dorm life — because, let's face it, staying in touch doesn't have to be boring!

Delve into the details below, and stay tuned for the social media buzz surrounding Fiona's creative tactics.

A female college students does schoolwork in her dorm room.
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This mom sends hilarious announcements via Alexa to her daughter's dorm.

In the viral video, posted on Oct. 16, 2023, Fiona revealed her hilarious plan to surprise her daughter with an Amazon Alexa announcement in her dorm room. Here's what she sent: "Good morning, good morning! It's your mommy! Don't get pregnant! I'm too young to be a nana. I love you!"

A little while later, Fiona's daughter responded with her own announcement, asking her mom to cut it out. The whole exchange left the TikTok creator in fits of laughter as she exclaimed, "This is going to be so much fun!"

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Turning her amusing antics into a TikTok series, Fiona has continued to share several videos showcasing her laugh-out-loud announcements sent to her daughter's college dorm.

In a subsequent video, Fiona playfully dispatched another announcement to her daughter: "Surprise, m-----------, it's your mommy! Clean your bedroom!" Fiona, assuming her daughter had disconnected the device, didn't anticipate a response. To her surprise, a few moments later, her daughter replied, "OK, you can stop now."

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Ignoring her mom's third announcement, the college student couldn't resist the fourth. When Fiona questioned if she was already asleep (considering the time difference), her daughter bluntly shot back, "F--- off!"

Fiona's daughter continued her selective hearing streak, ignoring the fifth announcement: "Good morning! Did you get your period yet? I love you!"

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However, she couldn't resist replying to Fiona's final message of 2023, which was a lovely mix of curiosity and holiday cheer: "Are you awake? Are you awake yet? Is your head sore?" she jokingly asked her daughter. "I can't wait to see you in a few days! It's nearly Christmas!"

Fiona, half expecting her messages to go unnoticed by now, was met with another sassy response: "P--- off!"

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TikTok users are thoroughly captivated by Fiona's ongoing saga.

Fiona's journey of quirky announcements has turned into a viral TikTok sensation, earning her a decent following on the social media platform— and most of her followers are captivated by this hilarious series.

"From one mother to another, I thank you so much for teaching me this," one TikTok user wrote. "I just tried it on my daughter, and I cannot stop laughing."

A second person commented, "You've given me so much inspiration for my daughter going to university next year!"

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"I love this series! I literally can't wait for it," a third TikToker said.

Another user chimed in, "I so love this and so badly want an Alexa for my own daughter so I can annoy her."

"This series has made 2023 for me," someone else expressed.

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