The Internet Is Livid After Mom Cuts Daughter's Hair off on TikTok to Punish Her

A deleted TikTok of a mom chopping her daughter's braids off as punishment has caused a lot of controversy among other parents.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 13 2022, Published 9:41 a.m. ET

When it comes to punishing your child, there are some appropriate punishments, like a time-out or taking their electronics away. And then there are some other types of punishments that just seem cruel and not effective. This mom’s actions seemingly fall into the latter category.

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One mom is facing major backlash on the internet for how she decided to discipline her daughter. While original TikTok videos have been deleted, we've got a recap of the situation down below.

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A mom cut her daughter's hair as punishment in a viral TikTok.

A furious mom recently shared a video of her cutting her daughter's hair off — but this was no at-home haircut. You see, the mom was chopping her daughter's hair off as a way to discipline her.

She took to the camera to explain that her daughter “thinks it’s more important to be pretty than educated, more important to be a follower than a leader.” And while the mother filming the TikTok noted that she's "not a parent who likes to use physical discipline," she did do quite a number on her daughter's tresses.

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As she took out her scissors to begin chopping, the teen objected — however, there was no going back for this mama.

"You had your warning, you had your chance. I told you to listen, I told you to stop disobeying my rules," the mom said as she rotated around her daughter's head, snipping entire braids off.

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"I told you being cute ain’t s--t if you have no education. I told you to stop disobeying me, I told you to listen and do as you’re supposed to, I told you to do good in school, I told you to do your daily routine,” the mom continued. “You’re sadly mistaken because you thought being pretty was so much better than being educated or listening to your mom, right," she said as she finished up.

Then she showed off her daughter's remaining hair to the camera and said, "this is what happens when you don't listen to your mom."

But the story didn't just end right there. In a follow-up video, the mom asked her daughter on camera if she felt she’d been abused. The teen answered, "No.”

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These TikTok videos have since been deleted, but the conversation around this mom's actions is still ripe. Most viewers believed what that woman was doing to her daughter was wrong.

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And even though giving someone a haircut isn't technically thought of as physical abuse, many commenters felt in this situation, it could qualify.

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Other folks argued that chopping her daughter's hair off would only make the teen feel insecure about herself, especially since she's at an age when she is already so vulnerable.

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And one eagle-eyed commenter pointed out that the mom had used a filter on herself while filming the video, which was ironic since she was trying to teach her daughter that looks aren't everything.

She later reasoned that the mom could be jealous of her daughter and this whole punishment was her way of lashing out.

So, what do you think? Were this mom's actions acceptable? The internet does not seem to think so.

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