And Another One! Mom of Four Girls Faces Disappointment With Gender Reveal

After a mom of four girls has a gender reveal photoshoot, she is met with disappointment and social media users understand her feelings.

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Oct. 4 2023, Updated 4:56 p.m. ET

Some women believe that the most incredible and fulfilling job you can have is to be a mom. Mothers are responsible for raising their children with morals and respect, who grow into kind and productive members of society. That said, most moms will tell you that they had a preference for the genders of their children, even though a healthy baby is a blessing either way.

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Some mothers crave for all girls, all boys, or a mix of the two. And while you never know what you’re going to get when conceiving a child, parents typically hold out hope for their desired child. Not to mention, moms who have all boys or all girls, typically hope for either or when it’s time to reveal the gender of the child.

So, when one mom of four girls shared the results of her gender reveal on TikTok, it opened up a bigger conversation about gender disappointment. Here’s the scoop.

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A mom of four shares gender disappointment during a reveal on TikTok.

Much like life, conception is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get until a certain point. In a Sept 17, 2023, TikTok video, creator dailydoseofmygirlgang (@dailydoseofmygirlgang) shared how her family of six reacted to her gender reveal with her lastborn child.

“Gender disappointment is real so don't judge us, little did we know our Nellie would complete our family and we couldn’t be happier to be raising our four daughters! I couldn't imagine life without that sweet girl,” the video caption reads.

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As the video starts, the mother, father, and three girls are seen dressed in all black as a pumpkin emitting smoke in the air for the gender reveal.

“After three girls, baby No. 4 was a…” the text overlay reads.

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The video then shows pink smoke rising from the pumpkin, which signifies that the fourth child is a girl. The mother is screaming in shock as the rest of the family looks on in shock as well.

The oldest child then shouted, “What? We got a girl?”

The child next to the father was ecstatic and shouted, “Yes,” as she jumped in delight. The father looks on in shock and the mom has her head between her legs.

Someone out of the frame shouted in approval, “Let’s go girl gang.”

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The eldest daughter who first shouted then played with the pink smoke as the father dubbed the mom’s shoulder.

As the video continued, you saw photos of the gender reveal that transitioned from hopefulness, to shock, and delight for some.

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TikTok users understand the mother’s feelings and give her a silver lining.

It’s normal for girl moms to yearn for a son. However, children are a blessing either way. TikTok users understood the mother’s feelings but assured her that there are many perks to having all girls for children.

“As a person who works in a nursing home, eight out of 10 families visiting their mom/dad are daughters. You are lucky,” one person shared.

“I have three sons who I love more than life itself but gender disappointment is real and it’s OK,” one user said.

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“As a hospice nurse. Believe me, when I tell you, odds are you and hubby will be well taken care of in old age. Daughters step up way more than sons do,” one person shared.

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The creator proceeded to thank the folks in the comment section for their kind words and understanding. She also shared that “the people that get it get it” when it comes to feelings of gender disappointment. Either way, she is ecstatic to have four daughters.

Truth be told, gender disappointment is a normal thing. As humans, we all have hopes and dreams, and when things don't pan out in the way we hope, disappointment becomes a reality. Gender disappointment is no different.

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