Woman Calls Out Mother Who "Ruined" Surprise Party Her Kids Planned by "Humiliating" Her

A woman on TikTok shares the story of how her mother ruined a party that she and her sister had planned for her to celebrate an anniversary.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jun. 10 2023, Updated 5:49 p.m. ET

There are some things that are just better left unsaid. Things that should be kept to yourself. And what this mom said to her daughters after they planned a special party for her is one of them.

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Keep scrolling as TikTok user @nagemlynn shares the anecdote of how her mom literally ruined what should have been a fun and beautiful day.

A mom ruined an anniversary party her daughters threw for her.

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“So do you guys wanna hear the story of how my sister and I got humiliated in front of everybody at the surprise 30th-anniversary party that we threw for our parents?” asked @nagemlynn as she applied makeup.

She explained that for weeks, she and her sister worked hard to plan a party to celebrate their parents hitting 30 years of marriage.

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They invited several family members and worked to gather old photos. "We had done this because at one point, I was with my mom and she had gotten an invitation for a wedding anniversary and I said 'OMG that is so nice. Like how do you get one of those?'" @nagemlynn explained.

"And she goes, 'Well, your kids have to plan it.' Literally, those words stuck in my mind for years," she continued.

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So when @nagemlynn's mom and dad approached three decades of marriage, @nagemlynn and her sister did just that. They planned a wonderful celebration for them. They particularly wanted to "make sure it was a super nice day" for their mom since she didn't have much of a wedding.

"She got married when she was 16. And she did it in her aunt’s backyard," @nagemlynn added.

On the day of the party, their mom showed up. And before saying thank you, she handed @nagemlynn and her sister a card. "We open it up and it says 'I’ve known about this party the whole time,'" she said.

@nagemlynn recalled running out the door to her car at some point to cry. It appeared that what @nagemlynn's mom thought would be funny really hurt her daughters.

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TikTok comments
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“It was honestly devastating and since then it’s been very hard to even tell my parents happy anniversary," @nagemlynn explained.

She noted that she's currently not talking to them, but for different reasons. Bottom line: Think about others before speaking.

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