Here's Why TikTokers Are Listening to the Money Mantra on Repeat

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Nov. 24 2020, Updated 4:02 p.m. ET

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Seriously, TikTok trends, challenges, hacks, and dances have become a vital part of 2020 culture. The social media platform has provided users with entertainment amid the ongoing political climate and global coronavirus pandemic (also known as COVID-19).

Though 2020 has been filled with many ups and downs (mostly downs), a new TikTok trend is going viral after users claimed that it helped them achieve good fortune. Keep reading to find out about the Money Mantra on TikTok

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What is the Money Mantra on TikTok? And, is it real?

TikTok user King Soon is going viral after releasing a song, which he has dubbed the Money Mantra. According to the TikToker, if people listen to this mantra on repeat and shake four pennies in their hand, good fortune aka some extra cash will soon come their way. 

"Money Curse Breaker. #magic #curse #breakthecurse #money #mantra #woketok #witchtok #manifest DUET THIS AND SHARE," he captioned the video.

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Currently, the Money Mantra video has been listened to more than four million times. So, is it real? 

Listeners started posting reactionary videos claiming that after listening to the mantra, they received money. 

"I listened to this last night and this morning I got a check for $3,000. No freaking joke," one person captioned a video

Another user revealed that after listening to the Money Mantra, she received cash from her dad to go buy a pair of shoes she's been wanting. 

One TikTok user revealed that she received two checks and a job interview after listening to the mantra on repeat. "I've been playing this sound nonstop since last night and today I got two checks. I also got a call for an interview for a new job. This mantra works. Put it on replay and watch the universe give you money," she wrote.

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Aside from just reportedly receiving extra funds in their bank accounts, users have claimed that listening to the mantra has also provided them with an emotional reaction. In a follow up video, King Soon claimed, "The reason that you have an emotional reaction to this mantra is because you're healing your connection to money." The TikToker claimed that this mantra helps to get rid of the "clutter" that is blocking you from receiving energy and the flow of money.

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In another video, King Soon explained why the Money Mantra didn't necessarily work for everyone in the way they had expected. When some users claimed they did not receive a large sum of a money after listening to the Money Mantra, the user explained, "Not everybody was gonna receive a lump sum of cash, some people were gonna receive just what they needed in order to get them centered and refocused."

He continued, "Some people were gonna just get out of their own way. Some people were gonna learn that their natural state was abundance. The Money Mantra is not so you can get money. The Money Mantra is so you feel abundant at all times, that's why the wave is so big."

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