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Source: pathe scweitz

This Movie Theater Replaced Their Seats With Double Beds


A movie theater in Spreteinbach, Switzerland, right on the Swiss-German border, has decided to throw out all of their seats and offer customers the ultimate in comfort while consuming their flicks: a VIP-bedroom theater.

Most of us watch movies from the comfort of our own beds, whether it's on a laptop screen, on our phone or tablet, or maybe on a small TV we've got perched on top of a dresser.

I personally don't like keeping TVs in my bedroom or even looking at my phone, because I find it difficult to fall asleep when I do so. However, I've got a huge snuggly couch with a giant ottoman, and there are fewer things I love doing more after a day of working my butt off than just lying down and vegging out to a great movie.

As awesome as that is, however, fewer viewing experiences can compare to the big screen movie theater.

It's why the box office still manages to generate revenue, despite the boom in streaming content, quicker home video release, and piracy. But that doesn't mean the experience couldn't be improved.

Cinema Pathe decided the best way to make a good thing better was to replace seats with these slick and super-comfortable-looking adjustable double beds.