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Movie Theatres In Texas Sell Pickles and Everyone Has Strong Feelings About It



When you go to watch a movie, the chances are that you pick up one of a handful of iconic movie snacks. Whether you're a popcorn person or a malted milk ball lover, there's something about munching down on your overpriced-favorite that just completes the entire experience. 

But if you're from Texas, you might choose a pickle when you watch a movie. For those of us outside of Texas, yes, you can get pickles at movie theatres in Texas. And yes, people actually buy them. Packed between the skittles and other sugary treats of almost every theatre in Texas are bags of pickles...

But don't worry, they're just as overpriced as everything else. 

Unsurprisingly, everyone from outside of Texas is seemingly shocked at this discovery. "I just got a pickle at a movie theatre," one user tweeted. "They asked if I wanted the juice drained. Texas is cool." 

But hold on, because it gets worse. Some Texas are mixing their movie snacks. Pickles and popcorn seems to be a favorite for many. 

And those from Texas have been equally shocked to learn that their strange tradition doesn't exist outside of the state. One user explained the strange looks he got after asking for a pickle in Washington:

"I’m from Texas and when I first moved to WA I ordered a pickle at a movie theater and they looked at me like I was an alien from a distant land."

And this kind of thing has happened a lot by the looks. One user explained: "Tried to buy a pickle at the movie theater here and they looked at us like we were crazy."

Can you really blame those movie theatre workers, though? Texas is all about pickles, and it's getting a little weird. 

Texas, you're freaks, but we still love you. 

Remind us to never watch a movie in Texas. 

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