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Source: tinder

Tinder's "Height Verification" for Men Has to Be an April Fools' Joke, Like These Other Stories


It's April 1 — you know, that time of year when you can't trust a single thing you read on the internet. Due to the nature of the world we live in, companies are ready to jump on any trending phenomenon, no matter what it is, in the hopes of getting some free exposure on social media.

That means participating in hoaxes and pranks that often happen to be very funny. It looks like some this year, however, started their gags a little early.

That's probably a good idea; you can't just drop something right on April Fools' and expect everyone to believe it. So it's perfectly fine if you get a few days' head start and then reveal on April 2 that it's all a gag.

A good prank always has an element of truth to it, too. You can't be way too obvious by putting out something that your company would obviously never produce.

Some of the following April Fools' pranks do a good job of that or at least attempted to keep that in mind, while others went straight for the absurd (here's looking at you, Elon).

The biggest obvious April Fools' prank is Tinder's announcement that they'd be introducing height verification into their application, forcing people to tell the truth about how tall they are.