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These April Fool's Day Pranks Are Almost Too Easy to Pull



April Fool's Day is the kind of day we love to roll our eyes at... until it actually comes along. 

At that point, when we wake up on April 1, we know we have to have eyes in the backs of our heads and question everything we see, hear, or read. It's hard not to have the tiniest bit of FOMO and wish you had planned some kind of practical joke on your friends, family, or coworkers — but who has the time for that!

Don't fret, we've got you covered. Even if you didn't cook up an elaborate scheme this year (there's always next), you can still get in on the fun. Keep reading for 8 quick pranks you can pull today to celebrate April Fool's.

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1. You've heard of 'placebo' — have you heard of 'nocebo'?


Identify someone at work or school eating something in the morning. We think dorms or catered office breakfasts might be the best possible scenarios for this one.

Walk over to them like you're trying not to laugh and ask "How's your breakfast?" Walk off smirking no matter what they say. Throughout the day, pepper in as many "How're you feeling after your breakfast?" and questions of that genre as possible. Maybe drop in a subtle "You seem a bit pale, maybe it was the breakfast..."

If you play this mind game right, they'll actually feel unwell.

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2. Clear nail polish is your April Fool's Day friend.


Paint a layer of clear nail polish around the bar of soap in the shower. This is a great one for significant others or roommates, especially if they take morning showers. The bar of soap will look and feel normal, but it won't lather. Your significant other or roommate will feel like they're going insane.

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3. The old autocorrect hack.

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If you can get in their phone for a second, go to the shortcut section and have a field day. Some clever kids have been making it impossible for their parents to text them asking to "do the laundry" or "do the dishes." Another simple and infuriating prank would be to change up the person's "their," "there" and "they're."

Our friendship might come to an end if anyone tried this trick on us, so proceed with caution and know your audience, obv.

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4. Puppies!!!

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Redditor Lac3ru5 suggests posting an ad on Craigslist saying you're giving away a free litter of puppies. Make sure to include 1-3 adorable photos in your post. Golden retriever or dachshund puppies work wonders here. Then put your friend's number as the contact number and watch their phone blow up. 

The redditor added, "My friend did this to me on Saturday ... I received 40 calls from different people and over 200 texts throughout the course of the day. One of the most frustrating hangovers of my life."

Sounds diabolically perfect. We adore it.

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5. Get into the fridge.

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You could go the Amelie route and switch their toothpaste out for foot cream, OR you could switch out vanilla ice cream for frozen mashed potatoes or brownies for meat loaf. You could also fill donuts with mayo, make undrinkable beverages with Jell-O, mix M&Ms and Skittles in a bowl, switch out Tootsie Rolls with brown crayons or fill deviled eggs with buttercream.

We know we're not eating anything we didn't prepare ourselves when April 1 rolls around this year.

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6. The meta-fakeout.

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Along the lines of the nocebo, you could show up to the office with a box of delicious donuts and throw on a sign that says "April Fools" on it. We guarantee people will be very hesitant to take them — kind of like a social experiment.

This reminds us that the best way to make sure none of your belongings get stolen in New York City is to stick a Post-It on them that reads "Warning: Bed Bugs."

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7. Making everyone else think they got the date wrong.

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Go about your April 1st pretending it's April 2nd and shake your head at everyone who is "a day late" with their pranks. Another user on reddit was able to convince their cousin that April Fool's Day had been "moved up" to March so it wouldn't interfere with Easter/the weekend/whatever. 

Your most gullible friends and the kids in the family will definitely be acting like fools on a random calendar day.

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8. Alexa? Can you hear me?


Print "instructions" on the newest machine at work (copiers, printers, vending machines and Dyson hand dryers all work — just get creative) saying that the new technology is voice activated and instructing anyone who uses it to please speak loud and clearly. Then, wait and laugh.

Happy April Fool's Day! Hope you get them good.

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