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31 Of The Most Hilarious April Fools' Pranks From 2018

31 Of The Most Hilarious April Fools' Pranks From 2018
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Updated 4 months ago

There are some differing opinions on the origin of April Fools. Some folks believe that it dates as far back as Geoffrey Chaucer's time, where someone joked in The Canterbury Tales about an event occurring on March 32nd, which doesn't exist, in case you were wondering.

I think it has to do with the fact that spring is basically pranking us all. You think that you're in for warmer weather when BAM, a snow storm hits out of nowhere. "Snow in April, really?" It seems to happen far too often for people to say "really" at this point, but I guess it's a Northeastern thing.

Regardless of how this absurd holiday came to be, it doesn't change the fact that some people bring their pranking A-game once a year to celebrate April Fools' Day. Here are some of the best pranksters 2018 has to offer.

From Dad Joke puns.
To fake bankruptcies of beloved companies.
They were all pretty great. I love this person who put googly eyes on everything.
This guy's evil chocolate-spider-filled egg from hell (make sure to scroll through it).
Faces in unexpected places are always great.
If this is what getting my tires "slashed" entails, I'd be up for it whenever.
This mom is a savage.
What's with all the toilet gags?
Trolling young kids by calling them babies is pretty much the worst way to get to them.
A browned...avocado. NO!
Love the new paint job.
This throwback classic.
Worst. Easter egg haul. Ever.
Sneaky, sneaky.
How long do you think it took everyone to notice?
I would've vomited.
I'd need a new lamp, stat.
Bless this sister.
OK the dedication to the upside down motif is pretty inspiring.
This woman's mom didn't stop with her "Brown-E's".
Even publications got in on the fun.
"Hornhub" debuted yesterday.
This proposal prank.
People really love "The Office."
This clever text prank.
BBC Breakfast gets fooled by "Brexit Emojis."
Another Brexit joke.
Burger King's "Chocolate Whopper."
Or Heinz's "Chocolate Mayonnaise."
This police department also had people convinced that a live-action version of "Zootopia" is coming soon.
Then there was this brilliant article from 'The Independent' that claimed Trump quit Twitter.

Fat chance.

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