These April Fools' Day Pranks Will Make You A Living Legend



I'm not really creative when it comes to pranking people. I still consider ringing someone up and asking them if they're refrigerator is still running to be a good gag. It's not, but I'm totally in denial.

So, I like to turn to others for inspiration whenever I plan on getting my prank on for April Fools' Day, because putting a bar of soap in someone's coffee, or tying their shoelaces together when they aren't looking, might seem like a good idea at the time, but it totally isn't.

I suggest trying out one of these pranks instead.

1. Banana box.

2. Packet of Anal Bleach

3. Self explanatory.

4. Eat a bag of d*cks.

5. Poop-scented candle.

6. Brutal.


8. Barf.

9. That'll show Kramer.

10. Workplace shenanigans.

11. Powers for evil.

12. Make 'em cringe.

13. Pure evil.

14. Buy your own damn pens.

15. What the hell am I supposed to do with two cookies?

16. Some men just want to see the world burn...

17. It'll make a cleaning person's day.

18. Fastest typist in the office.

19. Exploding cake.

20. My butt is crying.

21. This is wholesome.

22. Squee.

23. If you work in construction...

24. Comfy couch.

25. Perfect shot.

26. Febreze bomb.

27. Sausage Party.

28. Make some people late to work.

29. That poor water fixture!

30. The troll face makes it.


32. Shrimp. Scent.

33. Yum, candied onions.

34. Explosive diarrhea.

35. Armpits of brotherly love.

36. So simple. So annoying.

37. Whoops.

38. "Just use a pair of...oh..."

39. Cold, refreshing...Heinz?

40. Don't trust any food from anyone on April 1st, people.

41. Yuck. Chocolate mint.

42. Freeze dat cereal.

43. Your office will kill you.

Laugh it up, my friends.


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