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Source: nancy leivaditou

A "Nap Desk" Could Ultimately Make You a Better Employee


Greek designer Nancy Leivaditou's of an office desk with a twist is getting head-nods from nap appreciators everywhere.

If you ask any working professional if they're getting enough sleep you'll probably get a variety of response with most of them not being positive.

Whether it's hysterical laughter, a telling sigh, or a gloomy head shake, the fact is most of us aren't getting our recommended 8 hours a night.

So we turn to caffeine in its various forms or maybe if you're living inside The Wolf of Wall Street you'll get yourself some Bolivian Marching Powder to solider on throughout the day.

Now both of these "solutions" aren't really solving the problem at all - they're just barely compensating for the fact that your body direly needs some sleep.

So when you're going about your day, doing a whole bunch of stuff and hustling hard, if you feel yourself getting a little sleepy or tired, you should probably give yourself an hour or so to actually catch up on some rest.

But what do you do when you're at work? How do you manage to stay so productive and on the ball? It's not like you can quickly catch up on some Z's in the middle of your office.

Or can you?