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Drink Up! National Beer Day Is Here — Find the Best Deals to Celebrate!


Time to celebrate with a pint (or two)! National Beer Day kicks off this Sunday, April 7, to commemorate the passing of the Cullen-Harrison Act in 1933. The passing of this federal law allowed for the sale and consumption of low-alcohol content beer, which had not been legal since the start of Prohibition. 

Raise a glass to your forefathers and join in on the celebration. Grab your friends and family and check out the local bars and restaurants to toast to this momentous occasion in America’s history. 

Not only does this holiday act as an excuse to drink on a Sunday (Do you really need one?), but maybe a few specials will tempt you. Rest assured you’ll be able to find local hot spots offering deals and discounts. Be sure to check out below to find out what National Beer Day deals you can find in your area. 

2019 National Beer Day Deals: 

The official National Beer Day Twitter account is posting which bars and restaurants will be featuring deals throughout the weekend. Here is a highlight of some of our favorites: