The Viral “Nationwide Is on Your Side” TikTok Challenge Is Adorably Humorous

If you’ve been hearing the Nationwide jingle far too many times on your FYP, here’s the tea behind the viral trend.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Oct. 9 2023, Published 1:16 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • The "Nationwide is on your side" challenge has gone viral since Erica Campbell and her daughter singing it made its rounds on social media.
  • Since the initial video, several other TikTok users have joined in on the trend.
  • Nationwide has gained more attention since the challenge began.
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Insurance companies are notorious for having a jingle or saying that instantly sparks a memory from someone’s childhood or another era. One company, Nationwide, embraced the strategy of having a catchy tune that has sustained them for generations.

Whether you know all of the benefits Nationwide offers its clients, you’ve likely heard the phrase “Nationwide is on your side,” with a catchy melody to keep customers intrigued.

If you’ve never heard the Nationwide song, a popular TikTok challenge regarding the tune will ensure no one ever forgets how the lyrics go again.

Keep reading to see how the Nationwide challenge began!

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The “Nationwide Challenge” on TikTok has drawn even more attention to the iconic jingle.

As a ‘90s baby, I can surely appreciate a good jingle. Many of my favorite childhood cereals and snacks had phrases like “Trix are for kids,” and “The snack that smiles back, Goldfish!” that I still think about when those delectable treats come to mind.

While the food-related jingles often got my attention, I can’t remember when I didn’t know the Nationwide jingle. And thanks to gospel singer Erica Campbell and her daughter Zaya, I will never forget it. Never ever.

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In September 2023, a video of Erica and her youngest child with hubby Warryn Campbell singing the Nationwide jingle. As they’re looking towards the camera, Erica mouths the words to the jingle as Zaya completely takes over.

“Nationwide…is oooon…your siiiide,” Zaya sings in the video.

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Like any good mom, Erica cheers her baby on, telling her she’s “definitely a quartet singer,” though I honestly couldn’t tell if Erica was joking. Regardless, Zaya’s singing quickly became a voiceover on TikTok, with many other parents showing off their children’s pipes to the world.

In October 2023, several families shared that they too could sing the Nationwide song, and could do so in three-part harmony. On Oct. 5, TikTok user Amy Connor (@amyconnor87), and her kids tried the challenge, captioning the TikTok, “My babies can sing!”

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In the video, Amy allows her daughter to practice her part of the jingle and then allows her son to do the same. Then, despite her son’s apprehension about being on camera, the trio sings the song in perfect harmony.

“The fact that they held the harmonies, though!!!!!” one commenter watching the video exclaimed.

“Nationwide better be writing you a check for this! Beautiful voices!” another shared.

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Other families like Blessed Hands (@updoqueen88) and her kiddos also excelled in the challenge, with the TikToker coaching her children through their parts of the harmonies. And while both sets of kids had incredible voices, they weren’t the only ones joining the fun.

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The Nationwide challenge also included adults using the original creator, Zaya’s voice as they used anything within their reach as a microphone while writing on their TikToks “when you thought you married a baddie, but she’s actually a weirdo.” Several other people partaking in the challenge have been showing off their powerful vocals through the challenge.

In September 2023, a group of women, led by singer Yazzy Lebrun (@yazzylebrun), showed off what can happen when everyone in the squad can hold a note. During a bachelorette party, Yazzy and co. sang the Nationwide song in a way that left many feeling like they were in the middle of a church service. Many even suggested the singers become the new singers behind Nationwide’s iconic jingle.

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Seeing all the talented individuals sharing their take on an iconic song made me remember the power of social media. Hopefully, Nationwide also paid attention and has some collaborations with these astounding singers in the works!

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