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Your Guide to All of the 'New Girl' Holiday Episodes


Dec. 17 2020, Updated 10:07 a.m. ET

Though the Fox comedy series New Girl came to an end in the spring of 2018, viewers are catching up or rewatching the series in droves on Netflix. 

There's something incredibly comforting about Schmidt's (Max Greenfield) unique word pronunciations, Jess Day's (Zooey Deschanel) never-faltering optimism, Nick Miller's (Jake Johnson) attempts to write another Julius Pepperwood novel, and Winston's tender relationship with his cat, Furguson. 

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If you've watched every original Christmas romance movie offering on Netflix or all of the classics to get in the festive spirit, then you might find yourself turning toward the holiday-themed episodes of beloved sitcoms. As Schmidt once told his loft roommates, there are only a few "sexy holidays," including Christmas.

For your binge-watching convenience, we've compiled a list of the best New Girl holiday episodes. 

"The 23" (Season 1, Episode 9)

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The first-ever Christmas-themed episode of New Girl centered around Schmidt's office holiday party — and he invited all of his roommates and their dates. 

Those who love the slow burn of CeCe and Schmidt's rapport-turned-something-more will adore this episode. Schmidt gifts CeCe a custom perfume, which she puts on when no one is looking (before promptly coughing over the stench).

The episode also features guest stars Justin Long (as Jess' boyfriend, Paul Genzlinger) and Stephen Amell (as CeCe's model beau, Kyle).

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"Santa" (Season 2, Episode 11)

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The second annual New Girl Christmas episode showed Nick, Winston, Jess, CeCe, and Schmidt attending a series of parties on Christmas Eve. Though the settings are joyful, each of the roommates is going through something tough in their respective romantic relationships.

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Jess is unsure of getting back together with Sam (David Walton), while Schmidt and CeCe get oh so close to finally becoming an official item. 

Meanwhile, Nick is put off by Angie (Olivia Munn), who is much more physically expressive about their relationship in public than he is used to.

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"Clavado En Un Bar" (Season 3, Episode 11)

Source: Fox

This is one of the few festive-themed New Girl episodes that rarely mentions the holiday itself. Instead, viewers can tell that the episode is Christmas-centric because of the decorations featured in the background at The Griffin (which ultimately is renamed Clyde's Bar).

In this episode, Jess has to make a pivotal decision about her career after she's asked to work at a museum. The only catch is that she has 20 minutes to do so (and it's conveniently timed with the length of the episode).

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Like many of the best episodes of New Girl, "Clavado En Un Bar" features flashbacks from each of the characters as they reflect on their own career paths. 

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"LAXmas" (Season 4, Episode 11)

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The fourth season's Christmas episode will remind viewers of one of the most tedious pre-pandemic rituals: waiting at the airport for hours on end on a major holiday.

The loft residents ( and CeCe) all find themselves at LAX right before Christmas. While Jess is contemplating whether or not she is "fancy" enough for her British boyfriend, Ryan Geauxinue (Julian Morris), the others are also rethinking their travel schedules.

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As Jess finds herself contemplating her latest romance, she runs into none other than Santa himself (Dennis Haskins aka Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell).

Though this is arguably one of the most festive of the episodes on this list, if you're a diehard Nick and Jess fan, then you might want to skip it. 

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"Christmas Eve Eve" (Season 6, Episode 10)

Source: Fox

Sadly, Season 5 began airing in January of 2016, so zero holidays were covered. Thankfully, Season 6 made up for this absence by packing a lot of Christmas themed content into its holiday episode. 

"Christmas Eve Eve" is the one when the gang decides to do a Secret Santa exchange. 

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While the idea of the roommates exchanging gifts is already hilarious (think about the effort Nick would put in versus Schmidt), Jess is the only one who is interested in even celebrating Christmas.

Proving that she's a cool ex-girlfriend, Jess decides to surprise her person with Reagan (Megan Fox).

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Unfortunately, Season 6 was bookmarked by two non-holiday seasons. The seventh and final season only had eight episodes, and it began airing in the spring of 2018. 

Because there was so much to wrap up in these final eight episodes, there was no Christmas episode.

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Bonus: Your Guide to all the other holiday episodes of 'New Girl.'

Source: Fox

Before any Christmas episode of New Girl ever graced our televisions, we were blessed with the beginning of the multi-season Thanksgiving collection.

The Thanksgiving canon includes the aptly titled "Thanksgiving" (Season 1, Episode 6), plus "Parents" (Season 2, Episode 8), "Thanksgiving III" (Season 3, Episode 10), "Thanksgiving IV" (Season 4, Episode 9), and "Last Thanksgiving" (Season 6, Episode 7).

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We'd recommend starting with "Parents." The plot involves Jess' scheme to "Parent Trap" her mom and dad (played by guest stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner) to try to get them to reconcile. The other, miscellaneous holiday episodes center around Valentine's Day and Halloween.

For the Feb. 14 day of love, there's "Valentine's Day" (Season 1, Episode 13), "The Crawl" (Season 4, Episode 15), and "Operation Bobcat" (Season 6, Episode 16).

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The ghoulish October day is commemorated in "Halloween" (Season 2, Episode 6) and "Keaton" (Season 3, Episode 6).

Happy streaming!

All seven seasons of New Girl are available on Netflix.

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